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Fitness 50+

Ever noticed how you've gained weight with age? Research has proven that as we age we lose 'lean tissue'. It is this loss of lean tissue that causes our metabolism to slow, our energy levels to drop and our fat stores to increase.

As we age it becomes more and more important to do weight bearing exercise to slow this process. Done properly, you can even reverse this process and build lean tissue, boosting your metabolism and giving you more energy.

Needless to say, by getting your heart rate up and being more active, you also reduce the risk of disease, improve your mobility and increase your strength. Who wouldn't want to be 

healthy, mobile and strong well into their 80s?!

We are trained to create fun, energizing and safe fitness plans for men and women over 50.

• Prevent and even reverse age related weight gain

• Reduce the risk of disease caused by inactivity

• Improve your mobility, flexibility, strength and energy!